You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency Dr Linus Pauling 

Introducing Native Nutrients

I want to share my Native Nutrient brand which provides the body with nutrients that it recognises and are not foreign to our bodies. As a practitioner, I have been using my food sourced supplements for the past 12 years, because I truly think that it is important for them to be natural so when taken, they can be readily absorbed and not excreted when we urinate. 

There is no doubt about it, food is always our number one source of nutrients, but over the years our food has been losing its nutritional value between one thing and another.

Lack of Magnesium and selenium in our soils

Over the last 70 years, things have changed considerably. For example, our soils are less nutrient-rich than decades ago, which means that all the veggies and fruit have been depleted of such important minerals required for good health and wellbeing. 

Intense Farming

The way food has been cultivated in the last 60-70 years by intensive farming will also affect the nutritional value of our produce.

As the population grows, our crops are being harvested too early, which means that those crops are picked or cultivated before the full nutrient process has taken its natural course. 


Another aspect to add to this mix is the time the food has been collected and loaded up into transports and the time it takes to reach our distribution points, followed by the transportation to our stores.  Then we don’t know how long the food is on our store shelves.  All this further contributes to our lack of nutrient intake.  

Native Nutrients have been very carefully manufactured here in the UK and consider my brand the next best thing to food, because of the way they have been made, to offer the body all the cofactors it needs for good health, as they are created as close as possible to natural food and within a food “matrix” of real edible food and this helps the body to recognise, absorb and deliver those nutrients in a far more efficient way than processed synthetic supplements. 

Synthetic supplementation

These types of supplements tend not to be absorbed unless they contain the matrix I mentioned previously.  These come in the form of our lipids, enzymes the engine that helps us absorb and deliver those nutrients into our bodies.  The synthetic type of supplements do not contain this delivery system, and a percentage of absorption is only done when taken with food, hence the food becomes part of that matrix, but in a synthetic form, the body will not absorb these nutrients. It’s a bit like sending a letter without an address, you only have the stamp, so where does it get sent?

The food sourced Native Nutrients are supplements that are natural and do not contain any inorganic forms of nutrients such as those like calcium carbonate and ascorbic acid. 

When I initially did my research going back fourteen years ago, I read a really interesting article, it was the title that grabbed me, “Americans have the most expensive Urine” it was all about how Americans spend lots of money on supplements, to have the body expels all these synthetic supplements, with minimal absorption.  

Why I created the brand

Native Nutrients is a brand I created a year after I graduated and became a Naturopath. I remember looking at the back of a jam label and seeing ascorbic acid, and thinking this is also in supplements?. There is only one reason to use this in jams because it preserves jam. When I read this I knew that it wasn’t something I really wanted to put into my body. I met a very lovely gentleman,  the founder of the supplement “food matrix”, and after speaking with him, I knew that I needed to give my clients something really good, something that would absorb, deliver and be used more efficiently to give them better health support. 

At that point, I created my brand, a supplement that I was happy taking myself and giving to my own children, something that you buy and know you’re not going to lose all these wonderful nutrients through urine. Supplements that won’t antagonise each other or compete with each other.  

A supplement that does what it’s supposed to do for you…