You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency Dr Linus Pauling 

Our New Child Multi +

Native Nutrients Child + has been formulated as a general support supplement to provide essential nutrients to support your child’s immunity and growth.

Our supplement is vegetarian and can be taken from the age of four to eleven. One capsule can be taken daily and for the age of 6 upwards it is one capsule per 20 kg of bodyweight. 

As a food sourced supplement you can rest assured that your child is getting good nutrients that come in a food matrix. 

As parents we always strive to make sure that our children eat the right foods to aid proper growth, but sometimes this is not always possible. Older children often have a higher requirement for nutrients than adults. As the child grows their need for nutrients increases.

Studies have shown that intake of vital nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C, thiamine and riboflavin are lacking.

Native Nutrients may help to strengthen their immunity, and support those children that are fussy eaters. Children require a good level of nutrients to support their growth. Our children’s multi + is suitable for children up to the age of 11 years. 

We do not use sweeteners, artificial colours, or anything that other non food sourced supplements use to entice children to take supplements.

Our food sourced supplements do not contain any chemicals which can reduce the nutritional value and absorption. Our Child multi is better absorbed and longer retained in the body to support your child development. 

As a food sourced supplement,  there is no need to take them with food, as they contain all the necessary food factors needed for absorption, to support and nourish your child’s needs. 

They have no known allergic reaction and are suitable for vegetarians.