If you tend to eat quickly and require assistance with digesting your food, consider Bromezyme. This natural enzyme, derived from the juice and stem of the pineapple plant, facilitates the rapid conversion of proteins into amino acids, enhancing their availability to us.


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  • This product contains 60 Tablets
  • Each tablet contains 100 mg of Bromelain
  • This product is suitable for Vegan and Vegetarians
  • This product is Food Sourced
  • The enzyme encourages healthy digestion
  • Helps the breakdown of food in the body and has great anti-inflammatory properties
  • This supplement is part of our digestive support range

Native Nutrient Food Sourced Bromezyme is extracted from the juice and stem of the pineapple plant, this enzyme helps to accelerate the breakdown of protein to amino acids, making them more available to us.

The enzyme encourages healthy digestion and serves to promote the breakdown of food in the body successfully, especially if you eat fast and are not chewing your food correctly. it also promotes and supports better digestion, and helps the body utilize the nutrients more efficiently.

Recommended: If you’re taking it as a digestive aid take 1 tablet before your main meals.

This product is free of: Yeast, wheat, starch, gluten, soy, lactose, added sugars, colouring, GMO, preservatives and flavourings.

For nutrient details please see the full label

All material used to build the Native Nutrients brand are recyclable



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