General Wellbeing Bundle

Original price was: £104.12.Current price is: £94.80.


General Wellbeing Bundle

Original price was: £104.12.Current price is: £94.80.

Purchasing a bundle is 10% cheaper than buying each product individually

Tired of feeling weighed down by a lack of wellness? Our General Well-being bundle is the ideal solution for giving your whole body a nutrient-powered boost.

All material used to build the Native Nutrients brand are recyclable

  • B6 contains 60 capsules and is vegetarian
  • Elemental Selenium contains 60 capsules and is vegan
  • Elemental Iron contains 60 capsules and is vegan
  • Vitamin and Mineral Complex contains 120 capsules and is vegetarian


The general wellbeing health bundle was formulated to support and provide those who need everyday support to help them achieve optimal health.

  • Vitamin & Mineral Complex is a great everyday natural supplement that is well absorbed by the body giving you more energy on a day to day basis
  • Vitamin D provides immune support and works well especially if your vitamin D is low or borderline. Also a great product to take during autumn/winter
  • Vitamin B6 is a good addition to the B complex.  It has benefits for both liver and for the nervous and physiological system.
  • Elemental Selenium is an important mineral for supporting cell damage, and oxidative stress which can happen due to stress.
  • Elemental Iron can be used in support of energy, in particular if your iron stores a low (anaemia) this can cause fatigue and lethargy.  Deficiency may also be due to e a heavy menstrual cycles. This can all contribute to lack of energy and stress.



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